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Padmanabhapuram Palace

Tourist Rating :Kanyakumari Tourism Rating....5 star...To know more about rating click here

This town Padmanabhapuram, is surrounded by a fort with an area of 187 acres. The ancient capital of Travancore might be constructed before AD 1601. The palace with an area of seven acres, is situated in the very centre on the Padmanabhapuram Fort, amidst hills, dales and rivers. The palace which is situated in Kanyakumari District is under the control of a Curator of the Archaeological Department of Kerala Government.

The fort which was built with mud originally was dismantled and reconstructed with granite by Maharaja Marthanda Varma. The height of the walls varies from 15� to 24� according to the inclination of the ground.

Entrance Hall:-

The entrance to the main edifice is controlled by another ornamental gateway with retainers for watch and ward. The gabled entrance has wooden ceiling profusely ornamented with lotus medallions. The most striking feature of the entrance is the clock-tower which is one of the oldest in India erected in 1832 A.D. and still continues to be in working order.

The first floor the " Poomuham" has a council chamber or "Mantrasala" which is meant for holding discussions with ministers and prominent citizens. The floor off this hall, which is polished with the admixture of coconut shell ashes, eggs fermented in molasses and lime reflects the figure like a mirror. If you want to feel the effect of nature then you have to visit this once. Next to the Mantrasala is the Dancing Hall which was used exclusively for the members of the royal family.


Have ever your heard the king who fed 2000 poor peoples daily ? The King ruled this part did this.

Feeding 2000 peoples in a single Day at a time !!!! Amazing, isn't it?

The dinning hall which is near to dancing hall is called "uttupura". With two floors it can accommodate about 2000 people at a time. As the king fed poor peoples he was called as "Dharmaraja" (means generous king)

Uppirika Malika : -

The most attractive building in the whole palace is the �Uppirika Malika� which consists of three storied. ' Uppirika� is the abbreviated term of �Muppirika� which means the residence of the eldest member of the family. A wooden cot is erected on the top most floor in the belief that �Lord Vishnu� the chief deity. The first floor contains a wooden cot made of 64 medicinal plants, on which Maharaja used to sleep. The medicinal cot was presented to Maharaja �Marthanda Varma� by the Dutch East India Company in 1750, as a mark of friendship.

The Navarathri Mandapa: -

To the west of the Zuppirika Mandapa is the Navarathri Mandapa which is a spacious hall of exquisitely beautiful granite pillars with drooping pendants reminiscent of the Nayakar style of architecture. In the Navarathri Mandapa, performances of Bharatha Natya and musical recitals took place in the royal presence.

Special Attractions :

  •   Elegantly designed Wooden carvings from a single piece of wood

  •   Medical cot presented by Dutch East India Company


Landmark :    30 Km from Kanyakumari

                     60 Km south of Trivandrum

It is located near to Trivandrum-Kanyakumari highway.

Other Nearest Places of Interest :

Nearest Place Distance from  Ulakkai AruviWater Falls
Kanyakumari 25 Km 
Muttom Beach 12 Km
Tirparapu Water Falls 10 Km

 How to Reach :


Nearest Airport Nearest Railway station
Trivandrum (State: Kerala) Nagercoil (State : Tamilnadu)


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