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  Kanyakumari Beach

Tourist Rating :Kanyakumari Tourism Rating....5 star...To know more about rating click here

Kanyakumari is where the confluence of the three sea's ,Bay of Bengal , Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean take place. Boat Facilities are provided by the Tamilnadu government to see the Place of confluence. A lot of tourists take bath and enjoy in the beach although it is not the perfect place for bathing . The beach is covered with rock and sand .Lot and lot of peoples flock to this place in the morning to see the sunrise and in the evening to see the sunset. In some particular days you can see both the sunset and the rising of moon at the same time .Not surprisingly, as it is a international tourist spot so you can see a lot of tourists coming from all over the world.

You will be touched by the heart touching artwork of the sun during the sunset and sunrise. Do you want to get that mesmerizing touch from the mother Nature? then start packing to Kanyakumari Now.

Interesting Places Near Kanyakumari Beach :
Tiruvalluvar Statue:

Thiruvalluvar is the immortal poet of Tamil Nadu and has given to the world Thirukkural. The memorial statue of Thiruvalluvar is in Kanyakumari. The pedestal of the statue is of 38 feet height and the statue over it is 95 feet tall with a grand total of 133 feet for the entire sculpture. The 3 tier pedestal known as Atharapeedam (base) is surrounded by an artistic Mandapa known as Alankara Mandapam with 38 feet height. Surrounding the Alankara Mandapa stand 10 elephant statues signifying 8 directions with earth and space down.


To help the tourists to worship the holy feet of Thiruvalluvar 140 steps are constructed inside the Mandapa. The pedestal with a height of 38 feet represents the 38 chapters in the Book of Aram in Thirukural and the statue of 95 feet on the pedestal represents the total chapters in Porul (70 chapters) and Inbam (25 Chapters). Thus the statue symbolically, and artistically signifies that the theme of Porul and Inbam are based on Aram.

Some Details About the Statue :

Total weight of the whole structure 7000 tons
Total pieces of stone utilized 672
Total height of the monument 133 feet
Total weight of the whole structure 7000 tons

Vivekananda Rock Memorial :
Vivekananda Rock Memorial is another place in Kanyakumari which attracts large number of tourists. As its name implies, it is essentially a sacred monument, built by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee to commemorate the visit of Swamy Vivekananda to �Shripada Parai� during 24th, 25th and 26th December 1892 for deep meditation and enlightenment.


From very ancient times, the rock has been regarded as sacred place. In Puranic tradition, it has been known as �Sripada Parai: meaning the rock, that has been blessed by the touch of Shripada feet of the Goddess.On the rock, is a projection similar in form to a human fort and a little brownish in complexion, which has traditionally, been revered as a symbol of Shripadam. According to legend, it was on this rock that Goddess Kanyakumari did Tapas.

The memorial consists of two main structures, viz (i) Vivekananda Mandapam and (ii) Shripada Mandapam.

Vivekananda Mandapam:-

Vivekananda Mandapam consists of (1) Dhyana Mandapam, i.e., Meditation Hall with six adjacent rooms (2) Sabha Mandapam or the Assembly Hall including Pralima Mandapam (statue section) two rooms, a corridor and an open Prakaram round the Sabha Mandapam (30 Mukha Mandapam (Portion) and (4) the Front Entrance steps with two rooms and a corridor below the steps.

Shripada Mandapam:-

This square hall consists of (1) Garbha Graham i.e., (Sanctum Sanctorum) (2) the Inner Prakaram (3) the Outer Prakaram and (4) the Outer Platform all around. Both the Mandapams are so designed that the vision of Swamiji in the statue would be seen direct towards the Shripadam.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial :-

Kanyakumari has been associated with great men like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi in whose names memorials have been here. The memorials are very beautiful and add to the attraction of this place. The beautiful Gandhi Memorial completed in 1956, is situated as a memorial to the Father of the Nation (India).


An urn of Mahatma Gandhi was kept here for public to pay homage before immersion. Mahatma Gandhi visited Kanyakumari twice in 1925 and 1937. Mahatma Gandhi visited Kanyakumari in January 1937. In 1948 his ashes were immersed in the sea waters in Kanyakumari. In commemoration of this event a beautiful monument has been constructed here. Its central shape is 79 feet high representing the age of the Mahatma. During the Mid day on 2nd October the sun rays would fall on the peedam through a hole in the roof.

Children's Park :

Near to the beach there is children's park. Not only children's but all peoples can enjoy there .There are lot of water games and many other games which will surely make all the children so happy. And are very old? If you love to watch children's mischievous playing then you should make a visit there .It will make you so happy as if that you are sitting in heaven.


Landmark :   80Km south of Trivandrum International Airport
                         Walkable Distance From Kanyakumari Railway Station

Other Nearest Places of Interest :

Nearest Place Distance from Kanyakumari
VattaKotai Fort & Beach 6 KM
Padbanabhapuram Palace 25 KM

 How to Reach :

Nearest Airport Nearest Railway station
Trivandrum    (State: Kerala)  Kanyakumari  (State : Tamilnadu)


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